Hi... I am Jay Clark

Software Engineer,Full Stack Web Developer,General Tinker-er

Name: Jay Clark

Profile: Software Engineer

Email: hi@thatblokecalledjay.com


C# .NET CORE love it
JAVASCRIPT great fun
AZURE exciting stuff
IOT/RPI love tinkering
DRONES/GAMING/OTHER nothing better
About Me

There are many things I love in life, two of which are technology and software, though software in particular. I love how we use it, the whole development process and how it's application is rapidly changing the world we live in. It's taking us to some pretty exciting places man!

I'm a software engineer by trade, and am currently working as a full stack web developer. I really enjoy using Microsoft's suite of tools and platforms. Tools and platforms such as VSCode, VisualStudio, .Net Core, Asp.Net, Azure, Sql and Cosmos etc.

I enjoy tinkering around with web technologies such JavaScript, React and Angular not to mention dabbling with other languages such as Python when developing software for my RaspberryPi.

I should also mention my love for computer games, cool retro lego kit building, drones, micro electronics and general hands-on building stuff.


The stuff I love to do at work and in my free time. This is more than just a hobby man!


Software development on the whole has been my life long passion. I have respect for all languages and all technologies, each serving a purpose at the right time and the right place.


Web and Api development isn't just my job, it's my hobby. My hobby is my job, how mental is that. This is ultimately my favorite pass-time... which his handy, because I do it a lot.


I don't just mean 'the cloud'. Azure is simply the finest cloud platform on offer today, and I love nothing more than playing around with the most bad-assed cloud tech on the planet.


I love getting out and about. Our planet rocks, and there's so many amazing places. I'm happy in most climates, the top of a frozen mountain, in the deepest jungle, a sunny remote beach or wandering the streets of a mega city.


I haven't fully harnessed the power of this beast yet, but I will. IoT, the bridge between human interaction, hardware, software and data. I've only scratched the surface myself, but this stuff is super exciting.


Ultimately, I'm just another big kid who loves his toys. Whether it's a session on FarCry, a spot of lego, a dot about with a drone, or tinkering with a breadboard hooked up to a Raspberry Pi, I'm happiest whilst at play.